Saturday, July 4, 2009

a 4th of july for us all

despite the fact that we're still mired in war, there is a sense that more americans feel more "american" today than they did in 1969 when jasper johns created "moratorium" (offset lithograph on wove paper).

if that's true, does it change how we view our past as well as our present? (wayne eagleboy, "we the people," 1971, acrylic paint and barbed wire on buffalo hide, framed in fur.)

the obamas are changing the face of art inside the white house, but is art (beyond t-shirt design) in the rest of the u.s. changing because of the obamas? (above top, david hammons, "african-american flag," 1990, dyed cotton; above bottom, faith ringgold, "flag story quilt," 1985, cotton canvas, dyed, pieced.)

and, if more of us feel american today, what are we doing about it? are we willing to help those less fortunate feel more american, too?

here's to america and all she is and can be, when her people work together... happy fourth, everybody!

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