Wednesday, June 24, 2009


there's a first time for everything. well, everything that happens, anyway. this is my first post to my new (in progress, and likely always so) blog. as i've just come from delivering my first bedspread, that seems a fitting subject.

my quilting medium of choice is the throw blanket. throws are perfect because they are not constrained by location or any particular function. you can sling them over the sofa or on the back of a chair to add a contrasting or complementing color or texture. you can hang them on the wall or curl up with one anywhere in (or outside of) your house to watch a movie or read a book or watch the sunset or sip on a tasty glass of tokaji. throw blankets are the closest things i know of to moveable home art.

bedspreads just lie on your bed.

still, i was intrigued and not only a little bit excited when i was asked to create a "surprise" bedspread for a college coed who i know and love. the request was open-ended, but for the use of purple. if you've seen my throws, you know that was no stretch for me (black snapper design has some kind of regal bent to it.) well, it ended up with the combination you see below: pale pinky lavender, pink, eggplant and limey yellow silk dupioni on side 1 and a raw silk checked pattern in wine and lavender on side 2 (with a stripe of eggplant silk dupioni). a nice crazy topstitching of overlapping ovals finished the whole thing off.

it was a long and enjoyable process and the recipient was pleased (as was the "surpriser"). and the bedspread complemented the bedroom decor to an eerie degree. so if everyone is so happy, why am i sitting here sighing? i suppose i'm left with that twinge of the blues i get with every delivery of a recent creation. i know of no solution better than getting back to the sewing machine... although, did someone mention a nice glass of tokaji...?