Monday, July 10, 2017

a can of forgiveness

so, hey.  it's been quite a number of years since i've done this blogging thing.  and even then, it wasn't so regularly accomplished.  shall we try it again?

i was at a flea market this past weekend, selling hair accessories and handmade books.  but, at the urging of my furniture-artist brother, i included a third item:  cans of forgiveness.  it's an art project i did for lent a while back, where i made something every day for 40 days.  some themed for lent and others just for fun.  so, forgiveness in a can.  i took a can and added a label:  "Forgiveness" with some advertising lingo "now with easy access pop-top!" and the nutrition facts, ingredients listing, and recipe suggestions that might be found on a food product.  there is even an allergy warning: "caution:  produced in a facility that also processes peace."  i thought it was funny.  but also, i personally believe that forgiveness is an essential element of life and that it's something we've already been given -- we just maybe need a tactile delivery mechanism to help us remember that.

so, back to the flea market -- in a small town, selling hair accessories and books.  and forgiveness.  as you might imagine, people had quite a bit to say about it.

Man 1:  "so, what's forgiveness going for these days?"
Me:  [laughing] well, the forgiveness is free.  it's the packaging that's going to cost you.
Man:  [laughing] now i've seen everything.
My brother:  [laughing]  so, you can go home now?
Man 1:  [laughing]  Yes, i've surely seen everything, i'd might as well go home...

some encounters weren't so jovial:

Man 2:  [picks up can, examines it, and puts it back down, starts walking away]
Me:  do you need some?
Man 2:  [looking back, dejectedly]  if only it were that simple... [slumps down and walks away]

many people who hurriedly walked past backed up to take a closer look at the cans.  my favorite customer of the day was a bright-smiling woman:

Woman 1:  hah!  [laughing and shaking the can] what's IN here??!
Me:  there's an ingredients list on it...
Woman 1:  [reads can, bursts out laughing]  oh, my brother needs this!!!  how much is it?
Me: [apologetically] it's five dollars.
Woman 1:  [digging in purse for her wallet, laughing] oh, yes, my brother needs this.  he's so mean to my mother.  she's 84!  can you believe it?!  and he's mean to her!  [laughs, purchases the can, and strolls off, smiling]

i'm thinking i might just pop open a can for myself.  cut myself a break for falling off the blogging (and making!) train and just hop back on.

"can" you forgive me?

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  1. ha! you betcha! te absolvo! if it works both ways, that is ;-)